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intro and musings

Hello everyone, I think I pretty much know everyone here except maybe one or two of you. I am Elizabeth, married to Jonathan for a year and a half, and mother to William, who will be six months old in a few days. I live in Alaska and am very much enjoying the life we have up here.

I have always been interested in healthy eating, as my mom was fairly "crunchy" as far as that goes. Homemade bread and all that. But now that I am responsible for my own home I have been rethinking what "healthy eating" even means and have been slowly making some changes in our diet. I definitely lean towards the "Traditional Foods" end of the spectrum.... lots of good fats, dairy, kefir, meat, whole grains, eggs, and organic produce. If you are interested in learning more about Traditional Foods, I highly recommend the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. http://www.westonaprice.org/index.html

Some of the changes I am slowly bringing about in my family:
Organic whole milk (preferably raw)
Homemade kefir
Homemade breads/muffins/tortillas
Coconut oil and butter (no "vegetable" oils with the exception of extra virgin olive oil for occasional frying)
Organic meats and whole chickens (no more "boneless and skinless")
More fresh fruits and veggies (they are rather pricey here in Alaska)

I am pleased with the health improvements I am seeing in my little family. We haven't been sick all winter, praise God.
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