4kingandprince (4kingandprince) wrote in natural_pantry,

Baby food?

Question for anyone with an answer: 
I've read that after 6 months or so a baby has need for more iron than breast milk alone can provide. Assuming this is true, what are good ways of getting that iron to your baby? Tirzah is 7 months tomorrow (AHHHHH!!!! It's going too fast. :-() and has been having a little rice cereal once a day for about 2 months now- she very clearly showed interest in food early and took her first taste very well, so I went ahead and started her. We haven't deviated from that once-daily non-breastmilk meal, and I don't know just where to go from here. I've been using boxed rice cereal up to now, but would much prefer to make her food myself if I can figure out what's best for her. Any hints, tips, or suggestions would be most welcome, even if someone can just point me toward a good book on the topic!

Thanks in advance!
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