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Intro and a few questions

Hello! I am so excited to have this group started- healthy eating has been much on my mind since I got married (Nov. 5, 2005- yes, another fall '05er! :-)).... and while my stomach's pickiness made me put some thoughts on hold while I was pregnant last year, I'm back and more eager than ever to get wholesome foods into my little family. 

My name is Amanda, I live in Texas, and my husband and I have one little girl- Tirzah, 6 and a half months old. We live in an apartment in the city, right between two of the largest cities in Texas (Dallas and Fort Worth). This means that so much of what I want is not readily available, such as fresh milk and the ability to garden for ourselves. But it also means that I have access to some great farmer's markets, I hear, though I have not yet learned to take advantage of that. :-) 

My background is not at all health-concious, so I feel pretty stupid getting started here. :-) I'm determined to learn, though, and I hope to gather a lot of information here! I've read and enjoyed in the past the book "Hearth and Home" by Karey Swan (I think) and am convinced of the virtues of making our own fresh-ground wheat bread. I hope to find a way to get wheat ground soon. I'm also on the lookout for fresh milk and want to make our own kefir.

I have a question or two to throw out there. I am reading the same book Elizabeth mentioned- "Nourishing Traditions", and also through the magazine Above Rubies I've read alot about using coconut oil. I love the thought, but I'm wondering if one is much better than another. I found it at Walmart in the LouAna brand and have been trying that, but the price is so low (about $3, compared to the $10 they want for what is sold at Whole Foods) I have to wonder if it's anywhere close to the same thing. Does anyone know anything about that? 

Another question: Is goat's milk really good? I mean, taste-wise. :-) I love fresh cow's milk (though I hate and never drink it from a jug in the store.), but can't find it. I can find goat milk, though. So, opinions? And what exactly are the benefits?

Last question: I haven't finished the aforementioned book, so maybe I should just look for my answer there, but what is the benefit in cutting out boneless and skinless chicken as Elizabeth mentioned? It's so convenient. :-) 

Now I must go. A very wiggly baby wants badly to help me type. :-)

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